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Листая летопись строительства

Автор: Спирина Наталия Дмитриевна  

Теги статьи:  Рерих и Сибирь, Строительство Музея

Natalia Spirina

Everyone of us is striving to make one’s feasible contribution into the cause of spreading the Great Light.

This contribution of our hearts begins with the establishment of the community that was predestined, and without which, as it is said in the Teaching of the Living Ethics, ‘the Earth can not live’ (Community, 29).

The call for community is the call for the future. This is the call gathering together all those who are able to go ahead. There can’t be another decision. Either we are together or we aren’t at all. There can’t be any love for the Highest if there’s no love among people. The Higher Ones sacrificed themselves for people’s good with striking self-surrender, with amazing persistence to instill into human consciousness the sense of the world’s unity. Similarly, with the same persistence the darkness resisted and worked for destruction and separation.

Choosing to unite or destroy, we choose our camp and our fate. Every one has something deserving to be loved. This is the fulcrum for drawing together. And only those who have betrayed the law of unity, who disregard it, can not arouse in us any cordial warmth. We only can feel sorry about them.

After the community we’ll proceed further, first to the planetary, and then to the world brotherhood. This is the way throughout all the worlds, and it has no boundaries, as well as the joy about it.

A unique magazine, bearing a meaningful title ‘The Dawn’, is being published in our city with the help of the members of the Siberian Roerich Society and of all those people

We’re the dwellers of the New Era
As its makers we shall enter it
All that have been we’ll take with ourselves
And will lay into its foundation
All the treasures of the New Era
And the old ones will gather in it

who are striving for Russia’s revival. We want to show that the new Dawn of a hitherto unprecedented Era of spiritual revival is at hand, and it will begin from our country. It is not by chance that our spiritual leader, Nicholas Roerich, was a Russian, and it is not by chance that the Proclamation of the New Era, as Academician A.L. Yanshin put it, ‘the universal ethical system’, was given in Russian.

And in the capital of Asiatic Russia, in Novosibirsk, the Nicholas Roerich painting ‘Nastasya Mikulichna’ is being stored, depicting a mighty Russian woman with an Asian appearance. Light from the East!

In ‘The Sparkles of Light’ it is said: ‘The fire is kindled from the sparks. From a small seed a huge tree grows up. The seeds of small undertakings in the due time bring their consequences’ (21.08.1967).

We can add: everything begins from something small and concrete.

We, in our turn, begin our part of the great Action by creating the first Museum of Nicholas Roerich just in our country, and in our city — the capital of Asiatic Russia.

Buddha the Blessed said: ‘Every moment has its necessity. And this is called justice of action.’

For this very justice of action we’re calling our compatriots — for their feasible contribution to the creation of this unique Museum.

There’s a very short, yet fiery prayer that is cited in the book entitled ‘The Call’ (20.01.1923): ‘Help us lest we neglect Your Labor!’ In this call we join ourselves for collaboration with the Great Forces of Light and Universal Good.

You may await, ’cause the New world will come
Without you anyway in its due time
But choosing other path, you can help the Day to break
And become coworker of the Fire,
Not a guest, but maker, creator of the Worlds —
You can, if you’re able to forget yourself.

‘The Round Table’ of the Siberian Roerich Society, December 24, 2000.

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