Мысли на каждый день

Великодушие покоряет себе все сердца. Великодушие есть ключ от всех Затворов. Великодушие есть Венец царственного Духа.

Рерих Е.И. Письмо от 31.05.1934

"Мочь помочь - счастье"
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Автор: Подготовлено редакцией  

Natalia Spirina is the author of the books «In the Country where Everything is Possible» and «Tales». These books are unusual for our time since they arouse interest both in children and adults. These small books provide deeper insight into the fundamental Laws of Being in comprehensive and gripping way.

You are invited to support publishing these two books in English.

«In the Country Where Everything is Possible». A tale-story. The book tells about a wonderful adventure that happened to a boy named Petya. He realized his long cherished dream to travel to the country where all desires are being fulfilled. He got there with the help of magic glasses and a charming girl Ariela, an inhabitant of that country. Petya visited the world of thoughts, flew to the unknown Star with Ariela, where they witnessed miraculous events unknown at the Earth. Then, when he returned back to Earth, he comprehended the secret of the law of causes and effects, which determines the human destiny.

«Tales» — collected stories of 11 tales («And Star Talks to Star», «Genies’ Labors», «The Temple of Truth», «A Tale about Prayer», and others) where some principles of the Teaching of the Living Ethics are represented in simple and vivid words.

 Financial support for the further development of the Nicholas Roerich Museums in Novosibirsk and in the Altai can be provided as follows:

SABRRUMMNH1, 40703840344070200069, Sibirskoe Rerichovskoe Obshestvo;
Blagotvoritel’ny vznos “Na kul’turno-prosvetitel’skuiu deiatel’nost’”.


In case you want to help or make an input for the Museum of Nicholas Roerich in Novosibirsk
send to: Siberian Roerich Society. PO. box 251, 630099 Novosibirsk-99, Russia
or Telephone or fax us at +7 (383) 218-06-71; 210-34-55; 223-27-55;
 E-mail: sibro@54.ru; sibro@mail.ru .Website: www.sibro.ru

The edition is founded in 1993, registered by the Ministry of Press and Information of the Russian Federation.
 Founder of «The Dawn» magazine is Natalia Dmitrievna Spirina

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